Reval Line was founded in november 2000 by three young professionals. Before the company was registered the partners had already worked as private entrepreneurs in same field for several years. We decided to unite under one trademark REVAL-LINE

Reval Line is a company that specializes in guiding and accommodation services in a small but promising tourist area - BALTIC REGION.

We engage professional guides, offer conference and translationservices. We co-operate with business partners: Far and Wide London, best Estonian restaurant chains, hotels and bus companies, e.g. Scania Eesti, Baltic Bus Rent etc, Travel agencies liase and Art and History Museums.

Our goal is to provide the best service for every visitor; guided tours in several cities (Tallinn, St. Petersbourg, Helsinki) for any number of people with different intrests. We offer hotel accommodation, restaurant meals, just for your tailored activities.